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Generating Leads with Facebook Ads for Beginners

Depending on your business type, your online marketing goal could be to generate more and more leads. For lead generation, there are various marketing methods out there. It is up to you whether you want to use SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), email marketing, SMM (social media marketing), or any other.

Each online marketing method will have different budget requirements. In this article, we will talk about lead generation through Facebook ads. Facebook is the largest social media platform, with about 2.45 billion users all over the world.

With such a massive user base, this social network is ideal for all types of businesses. It has a targeted audience for almost all businesses. Another reason why Facebook is best for marketing is its cost-effectiveness. Before we talk about lead generation with Facebook ads, let us understand what lead generation means.

What is Lead Generation?

A lead is a person or organization who has expressed interest in your company’s product or service. Lead generation is the process of capturing interest in a product or service. Under the lead generation process, the marketer grabs the attention of prospects and then tries to convert prospects into someone who has an interest in the company’s product/service.

When it comes to lead generation, quality always wins over quantity. In a nutshell, a few high-quality leads would be better than tons of low-quality leads.

Steps to Generate Leads with Facebook Ads

As a beginner, you will not have an idea about how you can use Facebook ads to generate high-quality leads. Depending on your business type and strategy, you can add variation to the process. Here are the steps for lead generation with Facebook ads:

Understand your ideal customers.

Before you go ahead and start generating leads for your business, it is imperative to have a clear idea about your ideal customers. Without having a proper idea about the target audience or your ideal customers, you will have difficulty crafting the ad copy and creating ad media. For the best results, you need to understand your audience’s interests, queries, and problems.

Create a freebie.

Freebie is also known as a lead magnet. A freebie or lead magnet will play a crucial role when you want to generate leads. It could be an eBook, guide, short checklist, template, video, or course. This will help you grab the attention of your ideal customers. Offering users something for free will increase their chances of purchasing your product/service in the future.

Set up a squeeze page and thank you page.

After creating a freebie, you need to create a squeeze page and a thank-you page. Make sure you create an eye-catchy and appealing squeeze page as it can create an impact on whether visitors will opt-in or not.

Set up Facebook Pixel.

One of the useful tools for Facebook ads is Facebook Pixel. Once you set up a squeeze page and thank-you page, the next step is to create & set up a Facebook pixel. It is a few lines of code by Facebook, which you need to add to your web pages. Setting up a Facebook pixel will let you track actions taken on your web pages.

Ad targeting options.

When it comes to ad targeting, Facebook provides tons of features. Depending on the product/service you are selling, you can target your ad based on demographics, interests, and behaviors.

Based on demographics, you can target based on age, gender, location, relationship status, age of children, type of house, employer, industry sector, income level, subject studied at college, etc. Based on interests, you can target based on broad interests or more specific interests related to Facebook pages liked, keywords used in conversations, etc. Based on behaviors, you get targeting options for frequent travelers, users of specific devices, etc.

Track results

Finally, you need to track the results of your Facebook ad campaign. After running the ad for a few days, you will have enough data to track the performance. You need to check out how much money it costs per conversion. If you think it costs so much, you need to find the room for improvements and make changes to your ad.

Facebook is a social media platform with a massive audience. With a vast audience base, you will not have difficulty finding the right audience for your business. Here we have shared a step-by-step process on how you generate leads with Facebook ads.

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