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WordPress Website for Small Businesses

Not very long-ago business owners use to dread owning a website. Often it was due to the complexity involved in maintaining and updating it. If your developer was unavailable, you would be stuck. However, with the introduction of WordPress that has changed drastically. Webmaster and business owners both are at ease when it comes to creating and maintaining websites.

WordPress has grown over the years from a simple blogging platform to a full-fledged CMS. It currently powers over 30% of all websites on the internet. There are several reasons why small business prefer to use WordPress for building their websites. Here are 5 great reasons why WordPress should be your preferred platform for a small business website.

The Top 5 Reasons To Use WordPress

  1. WordPress is Free – From the platform itself to themes, plugins and anything else you need to build the website you can do it for free. While there are paid themes and plugins available, the free ones are equally compelling to use. You will of course incur minimal costs for hosting and domain name, but other than that, a small business website can be built using free themes and plugins.
  2. Easy to build – Small business WordPress websites can be built in a few hours. It’s easy to set up WordPress install a theme, import demo content and build a website. If you are not looking to use a theme with demo content, you can also get a custom design developed. That too is a matter of a few days if your developer is competent enough.
  3. User friendly – WordPress is one of the most user-friendly platforms both for beginners and advanced users. Creating new pages, adding menu items, changing content, adding colors etc can all be done easily, especially if you are using a page builder. Most page builders have drag and drop functionality. They often use what you see is what you get building techniques which make the process of creating pages and posts a breeze.
  4. Numerous plugins and themes – Whatever kind of website you are looking to build with WordPress there is probably a theme for it out there already. Whatever kind of functionality you are looking to add to your website, there is probably a plugin already available. There are thousands of themes and plugins available for WordPress. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular.
  5. SEO – A website that is not search engine optimized is as good as no website. Websites have to be built while keeping SEO in mind. WordPress has to a great extent taken care of building websites with SEO in mind. The structure of WordPress websites is by default SEO friendly. The content can easily be accessed and digested by crawlers, there is support for SEO friendly URLs, sitemaps, internal links, etc, are all taken care of with WordPress. There are several plugins available as well that can help you further optimize your website for search engines.

For any small business, having an online presence is vital. Hopefully this article, answered your questions on why WordPress is suitable for small business websites. No need to overthink it, just get your hosting and domain, install WordPress and start building your website.

If you are looking for help in building your website, we at Moonlit Digital are using WordPress to build small business websites.

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